Caroline kennedy early dating life

Henderson gently led her into a bathroom, put a scarf over her head, and managed to get her into the dress.

Then, still in a state of high anxiety, she sat while her makeup and hair were re-done.

Everything seemed to go smoothly until, on the day of the wedding, Carolyn attempted to put on her dress and found that she could not manage to get the ,000 pearl-colored silk-crêpe floor-length gown over her head.

It was cut on the bias without a zipper, and like many such dresses it was difficult to put on.

The hidden chapter was the gradual unraveling of their marriage as it slid from wedding-day hysterics into a spiral of depression, drugs, and violence.

It was early in the evening of July 14, 1999—two days before John’s fatal plane crash—and the last rays of sunlight were flooding his room at the Stan-hope, a fashionable New York hotel located across Fifth Avenue from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.“It’s not just about sex,” John told his friend, who recalled the conversation for me several days later, while it was still fresh in his memory.

Now John and Carolyn were living apart—he at the Stanhope, she in their loft in Tribeca—and John was on the verge of calling it quits.

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But Carolyn was suddenly thrust into their celestial company. And Ralph Lauren tried to hire Carolyn as his personal muse.

Carolyn knew that her choice would have major repercussions, for the designer was certain to get worldwide publicity.

Carolyn ultimately decided on the relatively unknown Rodriguez to design both her rehearsal-dinner dress and her wedding dress, as well as the matron-of-honor dress for Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, John’s sister.

Rodriguez worked for months on different designs, but it was not until 15 days before the wedding that Carolyn made her final pick.

Gordon Henderson, who was Carolyn’s closest friend, was devastated.

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