Carlos xuma dating younger women

She suddenly saw me as a guy she wants to keep around. The best option is to simply act from a real Alpha Playbook with a calm cool collected attitude towards women. We can also give them more memorable first impressions with real phone numbers so when we do set up a date she going to make sure she doesn’t miss it. It became in HER best interest to try harder and not flake out on me the next time even though I didn’t respond harshly or with a game. “If we refer to our specific set of rules we make then every time we begin to question what to do or how to do it then the answers will ( mostly ) come. From that standpoint – something ALWAYS happens around the third or perhaps fourth date depending the nature of the relationship.Quick and deep connection you’ll get this test on possibly the first or second date.

Missing a third date could be a self-defeating action which manifests as a test to assure the guy she’s dealing with is a step above the rest BUT is going to stick around.

Pretty cool stuff because who would’ve known such an easy response would have worked so well. How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women.

Which brings me back to what I mentioned above: If we respond to her test in a way she was expecting than we have just failed. Too much drama and definitely way too much bullshit to deal with.

I took it as a huge sign she was not a woman I wanted in my life. Tons of guys were asking what to do, how to do it, and wanted to know the exact reasons why women flake out.

You know, put my nose up in the air and thought “screw her then… ” But since I knew it felt wrong I went and talked to someone who has been through it a lot. His advice made sense and I trusted it would work so I tried it…

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