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If iron loses electrons, it starts to rust, but it's still iron.If carbon gains an extra neutron, it still behaves like carbon.They argued that the variations were not caused by weaknesses in their detection systems, but were actual variations in the decay rates themselves.Radioisotope Dating 101: While radiometric dating sounds like a jazzy way to find a mate, it's actually about unruly isotopes.All carbon atoms have six protons, iron atoms have 26, and platinum atoms have 78.If a sodium atom loses an electron, it's still sodium, it's just a positively-charged sodium ion, ready to ionically bond with a negatively charged chloride ion to make table salt for mashed potatoes.Radioisotopes: The measurable breakdown of radioactive isotopes, like the Grand Canyon, appear to give an ancient age for the Earth.Measuring the amount of uranium-238 parent material as well as the lead-206 daughter material in a zircon theoretically allows geochronologists to date the zircon in which these "before" and "after" materials are found.

"Everyone thought it must be due to experimental mistakes, because we're all brought up to believe that decay rates are constant," Peter Sturrock, Stanford professor emeritus of applied physics, commented on the issue.

By comparing the derived date to that produced by U-235 and Pb-207 in the same sample, geochronologists believe they can get fairly close results. There is far less U-235 than U-238 in natural uranium, and by consensus, geochronologists have long used a U-238/U-235 ratio of 137.88 to simply calculate the amount of U-235 in a zircon rather than try to measure it.

The original consensus ratio was determined to have some flaws, however, and researchers from the British Geological Survey and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently did do some careful measuring.

Chunks of radioactive elements might decay at steady rates, but the individual atoms within them decay unpredictably.

Fischbach could therefore use the randomly timed ticks of a Geiger counter to generate lists of numbers.

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