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I hate to put it this way, but I mean it quite seriously: There are many out there for whom this course should be compulsory!

This makes me think of the ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I also want to mention the previous generation of people with Saturn in Capricorn born roughly between 1959-1962. It’s important for them to reorient themselves at this time. Last, anyone who has significant planets in the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer or Libra) is sure to be pressured if not downright oppressed as they encounter obstacles and various problems that don’t have easy solutions.

After this most recent relationship (the guy before him also being a Pisces), it solidified I don't ever want to be around that ever again.

Pisces men just have way too much vagina envy and way too little self-control for he's cap,cap venus,aqua moon,libra mars.

I asked to take her up on her offer but she didn't respond.

Generally, when Saturn changes signs, he retrogrades back into the previous sign for a time. Well let’s just say that YOU, yourself have BAD karma, Guess what? Saturn’s transit through Capricorn will provide you with the opportunity to make it right. The content will be available for a week beyond that to accommodate anyone who might take vacation during this period. The class will be held in a private forum on this blog. You can post your chart with questions and anything else you want.

But I noticed for a few years now that I keep attracting very mean and confrontational Libras into my life.

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As this transit gets closer, you’ll start hearing about “karma” and “chickens coming home to roost”.I had sex with a cancer i met on one a few months but besides that nothing crazy? So all my 24 years I’ve always just imagined myself to be this sweet innocent person, and I still believe I am to be honest, like I never would but trust someone’s feelings and I care a lot about people lol.But, recently I’ve learnt about myself that So I usually keep to myself, I don't bother people, I do me...Because I was of age during Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, I’ll be able to be able to draw from my personal experience and observations made during that era. I’ll set up your access and send you an email to confirm. A lot of content is expected, perhaps more than you can read. My goal is to cover as broad a range as possible on every level. I work to make sure that everything I post is engaging and of obvious value. Many take advantage of this by posting things they would not post publicly. If you don’t have a screen name, I will include simple instructions on how to register. If you’re a regular, already registered, you can put your screen name in the “notes” section when you pay. This is to distinguish them but also so those who visit late or infrequently can easily get to the class content, read the posts in order, and enjoy how the story line develops.This will allow me to offer a mature (Saturn) perspective on this transit which is quite fitting. She’ll write a rundown of Saturn in Capricorn through each of the signs so you can see where you’re at personally, as well as check the status of the people around you. The official class posts will be isolated and pinned to the top of the board so they’re easy to find. Once you have paid for the class, you can email me ([email protected]). Once I have your screen name, I’ll give you access to the private board. Beyond that, you’re likely to see pages of threads people in the session have started, to ask questions or discuss various things.

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