Cameron diaz and adam levine dating dating reading ma

[Though] the two seemed into each other while lunching at LA’s Chateau Marmont on May 16 after being set up by mutual pals, insiders say Cameron’s clinginess is already driving Adam away! When Cameron likes someone, she smothers him,” a friend tells Star.“She and Adam have only had a few dates, but she’s constantly calling and texting him.” Adds another insider “She even changed her cell’s ringtone to Maroon 5’s song “She Will Be Loved” and got really embarrassed when it went off in front of him.” [Cameron] is intent on getting plenty of face time with Adam. And what is with Cameron going for guys with the falsetto (Justin Timberlake)? Back to Cameron and her “clinginess” – I’m still not sure if I buy it.She speaks about women in the world including Hilary seeming very happy about how women are doing.The second guest is Ray Lewis who seems very emotional when he speaks about things he likes.I have no idea, but I tend to think she’s probably not the relationship wreck some people make her out to be.I think she’s probably self-absorbed and narcissistic (who isn’t?), she likes boys and doesn’t take her relationships seriously, which is probably why she goes through men like water.

The first guest is the return of Arianna Huffington (Nasim Padrad) and she once again is her flirtatious self with Seth.

Rosetta Stone sponsors the episode; Kendrick Lamar performs. They sit down and talk with Martin speaking about Beyonce and how beautiful she is.

Obama and Martin Luther Jr.: Inauguration Night with Obama happy. Obama just wants to talk about issues but Martin wants to be cool because it is his day off.

Sometimes, when I’m reading an interview or a tabloid report about Cameron Diaz, I wonder if she’s really the ball-busting feminist, the good-time girl or the needy, clingy wreck that people make her out to be.

Perhaps she’s multi-faceted, and she carries all of those qualities.

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