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While attending Beverly Hills High School, she landed a lead role in the school's production of Shakespeare's As You Like It.Prior to pursuing a career in music, she appeared on several television programs including Malcolm in the Middle.The story is unique, because when Caitlin set out to help people, she took her time until it was right.She had been promoting the message of her website, Love Your, in her tour merch, and went into a locksmith’s one day to have the phrase engraved on a key that was around her neck.I think that gold just gets covered up and wasted and it breaks my heart.” What is unique about Caitlin is not only her passion and personal investment in working to improve the lives of others, but her business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit.She didn’t feel right about selling the keys to raise money and donate it to a cause, and even though it took six months, she waited until the idea that was right formed in her head.

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They are meant to be paid forward, so that keys pass from person to person, wherever their message is needed.

It is inherently part of her personality to care about every person she comes across.

“I really believe in second and third and fourth chances,” she says, “and a lot of times it’s impossible, literally impossible, for some of these people to get jobs elsewhere because of their past…

More inspiring, however, is the idea that lives are being changed for the better with each key, by the act of making them, and thus every aspect of the process is a form of paying it forward.

Caitlin says, “Eleven or twelve people who are trying to transition out of homelessness are employees, and then so far five of them have gotten off the street from engraving the keys and are working in our office, doing production work.” The Giving Keys is not a non-profit, however.

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