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In the last decade, smooches have crept into Indian films, but beyond that, Bollywood still errs on the side of prudery when it comes to sex.

Even today, there are many young and famous actors who have a “no-kissing” rule.

The video concludes with the husband benevolently striking a conversation with her, instead of having sex.

Most women in India are conditioned to believe that sex is a man’s prerogative and a woman’s duty.

The women are coy and reluctant, while the men embarrassed yet assertive.

For instance, this ad by the government of India, features a couple on their first wedding night.

The video was launched on You Tube in April and has more than 3 million views already.

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In an interview to a local newspaper, 28-year old Singh says he wants to use his celebrity-status to help the county fight HIV, STDs, and unwanted pregnancies.

This is the first time a prominent film actor has endorsed a condom brand in Asia’s third largest economy.

Singh dances, raps and tells the whole country to enjoy safe lovemaking.

Till recently, there was almost never any sexual contact between the co-stars in mainstream Indian-made films.

The Indian film censors vehemently discouraged any on-screen kissing till 1990s; instead, shots of flowers brushing against each other were shown to convey physical intimacy between man and woman.

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