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Nea R: Automat-Uh game Nea R: Automat-Uh: Nie R: Automata sex parody by Derpixon.

If you get only a black screen hit the reload button.

Looks like that marriage that you’re still totally a part of is gonna result in you going to the big house. Also, all of you “well, I’m seeing someone, but I wanted to keep my options open, so I thought I’d throw up a profile! A lady friend of mine used to get a weekly email from what appeared to be a rather reserved, 50 year-old African American mailman.

It said “I want to fuck you with my big black cock,” which I believe hits abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented, harassing, and racially offensive all in one message. Users are Prohibited From Sending Unsolicited Mass Mailings: Wait a second.

I’ve had several women message me who admitted they were under 18.

Makes sense, as my profile is all about hanging with my cat, watching Golden Girls reruns, and listening to Sammy Davis Jr––so I can see why the Millenials are so turned on.

And, as I’ve recently seen profiles for men dressed as horses, adorable little kitty cats, and someone who looks a lot like Barbara Bush, I have a feeling I’m not the only one messing around with some extra pages.

Also, judging by the amount of emails I’ve seen saying “I know we haven’t met, but wanna bang” and “Have XXX pics to send?

,” I’m gonna argue that pretty much no one dating online is an adult, regardless of their age.

” is a both civil and respectful in a way I don’t realize.

You Agree that You Shall Not Under any Circumstances Harass or Make Mischief Against Any Other User of the Website. Let me know now, so I can start saving up my bail money.

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