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Unlike most of the blogs on this list, though, Ask Men goes an extra step and features parenting advice as well as dating tips.Social Clout: 295K Facebook likes; 180K Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @Ask Men URL: The best advice comes from those who know what they’re talking about, and e Harmony fits the bill.He’s a normal guy who wants to help other men avoid the same dating faux pas he’s made in his past.

Dating is part of the world, so obviously it’s covered here.

Social Clout: 2,722 Facebook likes URL: Featuring hundreds of pieces on topics like meeting, attracting and dating women, So Suave has both in-depth essays and quick-hitting articles.

Another positive is the site’s minimalist design prevents wandering eyes from getting distracted.

Whether for driving directions or dating, no man wants to admit both to himself and to anyone else that he’s lost.

The Internet allows men to search for help anonymously, but it doesn’t reveal which sites work.

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