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She knows all about Peter being my lover rather than being a lodger as we tell most people, though her father doesn't know that she knows, at least for the moment.She had guessed and when she asked me outright I didn't want to lie.Sue has been separated from her husband Clive for several months following his affair with a co-worker coming to light.I had feared for their marriage after Clive made a serious play for me about 18 months ago, personally I would have made him wear a chastity cage!Often referred to as nudism but we prefer the term naturism.For anyone wondering, this is not something to do with sex and sexual displays are frowned upon at traditional naturist clubs.

Much as I would like to have her back with us it will mean some turmoil in our, up to now, well-ordered life.I believe married couples, especially newly weds, should spend as much time as possible naked together, just doing normal things, and getting accustomed to each other's bodies.My husband and I have practised naturism all our married life, at home as well as being members of our local naturist club.However Under the circumstances I don't see how I can refuse her. Saturday 30 April 2016 Those of you I have been in contact with may be aware that I am a staunch advocate of the benefits of social nudity.That is men and women getting together in their leisure time and opting not to wear clothes.

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