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Like I said, I too would never condone my kids to go out with a black person when they get older.My girlfriend also finds it annoying when black people come up to us and think just because aren't white that we accept these people with open arms for dating purposes etc.

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I'm a Vietnamese girl, and to tell you the truth my parents would totally be enraged if I brought a black guy into our home. If other races come on here in support of blacks, that offends you?106273661 #14764By Maria on Friday, January 21, 2005 - am I also absolutely hate the attention I get from these dirty negroes too.They come up to me and start speaking a few words in Spanish (even a chimpanzee can be taught a few English or Spanish words, right?On the other hand, if I brought a Hispanic guy into my home, as long as he's not a gangster or some criminal kind of person, it would probably be easier to convince my parents for me to date out of my race than dating a black guy. oh well, I guess we'll just keep quite then and let you get on with it yourself.105934379 #14699By ticklish girl on Monday, January 17, 2005 - am An anonymous poster said "I had never planned on dating anybody Mexican because hell they are looked at worse than what blacks are." Your statement is totally wrong because if that's the case why do Caucasians and Hispanics date each other far more often than either race dates you black people? Perhaps Mexicans are looked down upon for constantly invading through the borders with all their illegal immigration, but we don't look down on them as much as we do blacks when it comes to dating.Actually my parents want me to continue dating only Vietnamese guys, but if I were to date out of my race, they just won't ever accept a negro I'm pretty sure. I'm a white girl myself and I'm dating a white guy right now, but if I were to ever jump into an interracial relationship, then I'm going to date a Mexican (or Chinese or whatever) guy over a black guy any day, and there are lots of other women that feel the same way.

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