Binford pipe stem dating

27), occupied by the French from about 1714 to 1761 and by the English from 1761 until 1781; and some were found at Santa Rosa Pensacola (Omwake 1964: 15-6, 26), where most of the pipe material was Dutch.The latter site was occupied by the Spanish between 17.(Recent work on Bristol pipemakers by the writer indicates Fox was making pipes for some time before he was made a freeman, for he is noted as a pipemaker in 1651.) The fragments with rouletted decoration from the John Howland House at Rocky Nook, Kingston, Massachusetts, datable to the period 1650-80 may well have come from these two makers (Deetz 1960a: 9th page; 5th page, Fig. Similar if not identical decoration was used by the Dutch, however. Further, rouletted stem decoration occurs in the Chateau St. Rouletted decoration without edging occurs on stems of bowls of the same appearance and shape but without marks (at least on the parts of the bowls that survive), and a stem has been found with rouletting bordered by PLENS at one end and GOUDA at what is probably the other end (4C.47.55). V, 17) the same decoration edged with C: D: ROOS and GOUDA occurred.Dunhill (1924: 222) and Brongers (1964b: 59) illustrate mid and late 17th-century Dutch pipes with this decoration, in one case combined with fleurs-de-lis; and at Fort Ticonderoga, New York, several Dutch and German stems show banding of different types around the stem, one with fairly close parallels being marked IN. Louis (for example, 16C.4.344), in one case bordered with impressed triangles and occurring with a bowl bearing a Gouda mark, the crowned ES (Helbers and Goedewaagen 1942: 156; No. This appears to have been a frequent decoration on pipes manufactured in Gouda, and also on those manufactured at Dunkirk (Duhamel du Monceau 1771: passim).

All five Robert Tippet pipes (plus one J[o]ane Tippet pipe) came from Layer 7 and below.Examples came from a site in Ghana together with Dutch (as well as English) bowls apparently of the 17th and 18th centuries (Nunoo 1957: 16-7, Pl.III lower; additional information from the author) but no stems appear to have been found attached to bowls.On previous evidence, however, it seems clear that the Dutch used both styles, whatever the English may have done.(During visits in 1969 to Belgian and Dutch museums the writer has observed not only this decoration but that of rouletted lines and impressed pendant triangles and also that of rouletted lines edged by impressed diamonds with a dot in the centre on Dutch and Dutch-style pipes, some of them certainly made in Gouda.) 24 Stem fragment with half of a rayed sun motif; bowl fragment with part of medallion with Setters HT separated by a star, surmounted by a pyramid of six very small, diamond-shaped dots, and enclosed in a circle cog-toothed inside and out; all raised, Context: ca. In the 19th century at least, heavy ridged decoration moulded on the stem seems to have been popular among French, Dutch, and German makers, to judge from the way pipes with this type of stem made in northern France by Peter Dorni about 1850 (Omwake 1961: 12-15) were being copied at Gouda about 1880 (Sackett 1943: 77, 78, Fig.

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