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When they finally enter the data into the form, get an email that says what their email and password is. You could login as if you were them, see their bank transactions, move money around, and maybe even write online checks to yourself in their name.The same concept applies to website that uses a login, like an email provider, credit card company, social media website, etc.Sundar Moily, Correspondent of the school and others. S, Managing Director & CEO, handing over the food distribution vehicle donated by the Bank under the CSR initiatives towards the mid-day meal programme of M/s The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Bengaluru read more Shri Mahabaleshwara M.

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The simplest answer is that you need to be aware of what real websites look like so that you know what false ones look like.

In your email is a special link that the user clicks to go to a website you made that like the bank they use.

When the user clicks the link and finds the page, they enter their email address and password that they've been using because that's what you told them to do in the form (and they think you're from their bank).

If you steal someone's online backup service password, for example, you can now see every file they've backed up, download them to your own computer, read their secret documents, view their pictures, etc.

to be figured out by the user but if you know the answers to their secret questions, you can reset their password and then login to their account with the new password you created.

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