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I want to see that you can see humour and not take things so damned literally.That you can perhaps laugh at yourself, and string more than three sentences together WITH punctuation and correct spelling.I do reply to almost all emails even if it's to say that I'm not interested and I've found most men say that they appreciate receiving some type of reply. I have a 200 charactor minimum for the first message. Originality, brevity, sincerity and humour work well. And don't forget to actually ask them out on a date at some point if you do get replies.In my experience not actually being asked out by guys they are talking to is something women on dating sites say happens a lot and it annoys or disappoints them.He reads my profile and then naturally asks me about myself based on what he's read, preferably not in a three word sentence, or a two page letter.

So let me summarize: If you're really interested, talk to her like you're really interested and want her to be, too. The idea here is to get a conversation going and get off the online format and meet in real life as soon as possible. That's why you should save a detailed message for your second exchange.

What kind of things stand out to you and makes you want to reply?

I know a lot of girls have the "don't just say what's up or how are you" in their profile, but what sort of things do you ladies want to see?

I'm cosigning with most of the posts regarding a reference to her profile.

I dislike the "###-###-#### call me," or "hello/how u doin/wanna chat" because it seems they gave up all efforts.

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