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We’re the casting directors for ‘Beauty and the Geek’—we think you’d be perfect for the show.’” So began Grosslight’s three-month-long foray into the world of reality television. Although Grosslight was not ultimately selected to be a “geek” on the show, the self-described “smart, sassy intellectual looking for a new adventure” said his taste of Hollywood has given him a new perspective on his time at Harvard—and might help remedy his dormant dating life. ’The 26-year-old Grosslight grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

The show—produced by actor and “Punk’d” creator Ashton Kutcher—pits nine pairs of “gorgeous but academically impaired women” and “brilliant but socially challenged men” against one another as they compete for a 0,000 prize, according to the show’s Web site.

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Putting geeks and romance together has been tackled before.

He eventually transferred to and graduated from Stanford University.

Grosslight was seated alone inside Café Pamplona waiting for a colleague who was late when he noticed a man and a woman watching him intently from across the restaurant.“I finally just walked up to them and asked: ‘Can I help you with something? In January, after a series of try-outs, a movie-making challenge, and an enormous pile of paperwork, Grosslight—who does not own a television—was named an alternate for this season of “Beauty and the Geek,” a CW network television show that recently featured Nathan J. In high school, he recalled, he once gave up sex with his girlfriend to study for a physics SAT II. Pac-Man aficionado, having recorded what he said he thinks is likely one of the top ten scores of all time in the latter game—though he said he does not play as frequently now because it would be a “three-hour process.” Grosslight initially matriculated at Northwestern University, where he and his friends had “algebra parties” on weekends.

“It was pretty funny to see how he tried to calculate the mathematics and probability of him trying to get on the show,” said Vikas V.

Mouli ’09, a student in one of Grosslight’s sections.

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