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Badoo is not where you would most likely meet the philanthropic individual who wants to attend the local charity event with you.Badoo is the site that if you are feeling frisky and not in the mood for small talk you are most likely guaranteed instant fun with whoever you meet.The site is quite amazing in the sense that within seconds you can find out if someone you could fancy is sitting in the very same pub as you or only five metres away.What makes Badoo so accessible is that it has dating applications for the i Phone, Android and Blackberry and is one of the most popular phone applications around.This is where Badoo is known for its popularity in spam.Special Features There is video and chat messenger, advanced search options, a mobile phone application, a fun profile builder and tools to boost your popularity.Badoo is the world’s most downloaded dating app with more than 350 million users and growing, making it one of the go-to apps for social discovery and meeting new people.Founded in 2006 by the London-based company, Badoo has been a mainstay in online dating for many years and has been constantly tweaking and refining its app.

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Contact Unlike other site you must have a photo displayed to communicate with other members.

Like your personal profile, you don’t have to wait for your photo to be approved.

However, to send a message to someone you must have at least three photos up.

Pricing 12 months at £4.17/month – £49.99 total (save 51%) 6 months at £5.00/month – £29.99 total (save 41%) 3 months at £6.66/month – £19.99 total (save 22%) 1 month at £8.49/month – £ 8.49 total Telina’s Tips 1.

The amount of spam sent to your email can be quite a lot. I would suggest creating an email especially for Badoo so you can have your Badoo life and normal life separate. Boys, be aware that Badoo is heavily populated with transsexuals and transvestites listing themselves as girls.

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