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In this tutorial, I assume that you’re using MText for your titleblock text, but you can use the same technique with block attribute text.

Follow these steps: Get a free tutorial on creating a complete dynamic block, including a drawing to practice on.

This is because it filters out any row entry that has a non-blank ASSEMBLYLIST field assignment.

These filtered-out rows with the non-blank ASSEMBLYLIST field values (starting at the 6Select “Catalog Lookup” button and select the bare catalog entry that has no assembly code association.

Auto CAD Electrical's Title Block Update - The Basics Auto CAD Electrical's Title Block Update - Mapping Project Wide Revisions Auto CAD Electrical's Title Block Update - Previous / Next Sheet Numbers Updating All Drawing Settings (Descriptions) Using Excel Title Block Update - Merging Multiple Fields Into One Attribute Finally just to show how flexible Electrical can be I tackled a users standards issue.

If you insert titleblock text for your drawings, you know that keeping that text updated and accurate can be a chore.

When you insert a “PR” related symbol and then select the “Catalog Lookup” button, Acad E will go to this PR table and figure out what to offer you in a part number selection dialog.

It will end up including the first five entries shown in the database table above.

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I believe that Pat Murnen mentioned this trick to me. Example: here’s an inserted block instance representing schematic connections to a CT input of a protection relay. all in one quick sequence in the Auto CAD PROPERTIES dialog…!

can use the regular Auto CAD Properties dialog to change pretty much any characteristic of an existing attribute embedded in an inserted block instance. Here we’ve change this attribute’s layer assignment, forced a specific color, and reduced its text height…

The record’s assembly code, entered as “&A1234”, lands in the Assemblycode edit box.

If the dialog is exited with OK, these two values get pushed to the symbol’s CAT and ASSYCODE attributes.

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