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Dolly was so sweet and knew Emily's story, so to meet one of your heroes — Emily loved it. Harrison: He starts to get a little arrogant and it gets the better of him.

Between Alessandro calling Emily's daughter a "compromise" and Ryan telling Emily he wouldn't "love on her" if she got fat, host Chris Harrison says he's amazed at how dumb the men acted. What were you thinking when Alessandro told Emily her daughter would be a "compromise" for him?

Sometimes you’ll find things out right away, but everything? Some things I just don’t know yet, and some things I have to hold on to.

Tomorrow I’ll return with “Daily Links” and we’re back on schedule with those every day until Jo Jo’s season premieres on May 23rd. Instagram name is “Reality Steve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page.

What makes him great is that you won't see him doing handstands in front of the crowd, yelling, "Hey look at me." That was the start of the rise of Sean and he'll continue to get better and better in Emily's eyes.

Why didn't Chris just kiss Emily after they climbed to the top of the building?

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