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At the same time, some are willing to tick the number of partners they have had outside marriage and whether they had sex in their homes or in hotel rooms.

They know where there erogenous zones are and find oral sex and foreplay essential ingredients of gourmet sex.

Worse, if she talks about her intimate life in practised responses, she will only pave the path for her submissiveness, in and out of bed.

The fact, an antithesis to the war-cry of the modern woman, is that she actually doesn't know what she wants.

The perception, at least, is of sex-saturated times.

Devdas' Paro remained virginal despite an obsessed lover, but the midriff flaunting girls next door are so different from their grandmothers who knew their jewellers better than their G-spots.

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Even as they curl their lips, drop consonants and throw back their heads, conformism remains emblazoned in their hearts.

Quite a few share the sweet-and-sour bits of their lives-erotic, ecstatic, sometimes deviant, dotted with privileged and penalised sexual activities.

And explain why they want to make extraordinary choices for meaningful sex.

The good wife or the good girlfriend must not be uninhibited.

At least, that's the message thrown up by the INDIA TODAY- AC Nielsen ORG-MARG sex survey, the first such study conducted in India exclusively among female respondents. Weren't the new generation women supposed to be the leaders and cheerleaders of sexual liberation?

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