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In the aftermath of her death, her mother, Gayle, makes the crushing discovery of how the law views prostitutes (Diana's murder cause was listed as NHI, or "No Humans Involved"), plus the police is unable to charge A. with her murder due to a resulting lack of evidence. J., plus helps her get out of the trade and back into her mother's arms.Gayle Moffitt (Evans) has her world torn apart when her daughter Diana takes up with a manipulative and ruthless man who seduces her into a world of prostitution.Drama, based on a true story, about a teenage girl, Diana, who inadvertently is sucked into the world of prostitution by her boyfriend-turned-pimp, A.

But the real separation comes when Kristina is murdered....

See full summary » Teenager, Clare Steves, is kidnapped by an old boyfriend, Eddie Spencer, who demands 0,000.

The ransom is paid and Clare is released, but when the kidnapers are caught, they claim that ...

However, she gradually learns that her Italian Romeo isn't the man he really is and she later finds that she has been set up by the guy who had shared a jail area with her late father.

Of course, along the way, her friend is beaten by this fiend when she discovers him stealing from the rich girl's room and is left comatose.

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