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I was running eight miles every other day, working out in the gym for a couple of hours on top of that.

I was just thinking, ‘My body was in such good shape last year!

What I loved about this costume was, it was like William said.

Because I was doing some stunts and some riding and things, they had to adapt the costume, which made me feel really special.

When you’re doing a junket and two actors come into the room together, it’s sometimes a frustrating experience—one will take all the questions while the other sits back, or sometimes they’ll even joke with each other rather than answer anything.

But with Georgie Henley (who plays the youngest Pevensie, Lucy) and William Moseley (who plays the oldest, Peter), who have been working together for the last four years on the two Chronicles of Narnia movies, it’s like hanging out with your favorite younger cousins.

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It’s a lot easier for me to portray her, because I could basically be myself, but change her a bit. I worked very hard on a one-on-one level with the stunt coordinator.

As long as you can see that intelligence, I think you’re good. If they needed a castle, they wouldn’t CG a castle, they would build it.

: With the last one, it was a lot more of that—it was a lot more imagining things. If they wanted to go to a location that was in the middle of nowhere with huge mountains, they wouldn’t CG it. For us as actors it was actually more of a sensory experience, because we were immersed in these locations and sets that were just out of this world. What was funny, on the first one my battle armor was quite rigid, and I felt sort of like I was a robot.

He’s always darting around, and you’ve got to look for him and things.

That is, I think, what CGI is about—having the intelligence.

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