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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already telephoned with her Afghan counterpart to discuss the situation.National Security Advisor Tom Donilon has likewise made contact with officials in Kabul.Morlock is scheduled to face a general court-martial on Thursday.In total, 12 US soldiers who were allegedly part of what has been described as a "kill team" in Afghanistan are expected to go on trial soon.With him will be members of the NATO leadership and the US ambassador to Afghanistan.Karzai's address contains no mention of the so-called "kill team," but the Afghan president is notorious for being unpredictable.A high-ranking official in the Afghan Foreign Ministry, who is close to President Karzai, said he believed the development would trigger a serious political conflict with the US.

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US Vice President Joe Biden recently spoke about the case with Afghan President Hamid Karzai."Experience shows that it might take a couple of days, but then people's anger will be vented." NATO, under the leadership of the US Army, has been preparing for possible publication of the photos for close to 100 days.In dozens of high-level talks with their Afghan partners, military leaders have sought to pursue the same strategy used by the US diplomatic corps in the case of the sensitive diplomatic cables released late last year by Wiki Leaks.The SPIEGEL story printed on Monday includes new details about a series of murders of innocent Afghans committed by a group of US soldiers.One of the accused, Corporal Jeremy Morlock, 22, confessed to the murders three months ago.

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