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She tells her own individual story in the book: recruited into the sex trade at age 14 and sold on the streets of Atlantic City.

But she uses her story, and that of other survivors, as the basis for describing the toxic cultural and social environment that ensures that there is a constant flow of young people, both boys and girls, into the commercial sex industry.

She keeps returning to the question she always receives: "why didn't you just leave?

" She weaves together elements of substance abuse, mental illness, violence, family instability, abuse and neglect, and the sex and violence in our media and cultural environment to show how easy it is for young people to become victimized; and how hard it is for them to get out.

I have no doubt that Holly's life in slavery was more horrendous than anyone can imagine, and the way she told the story is probably necessary for some to grasp the horrors of trafficking.

I have read a few other books by trafficking survivors, however, that did not contains the level of graphic details that this book did, and I appreciate the steps that these other authors took to scale back certain details and give the emotional happenings more than physical ones.

She has consulted for the National Criminal Justice Training Center and AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program.

She thoughtfully teaches parents, educators and all of us what is within our power to do to prevent this horrendous crime.” ―Melysa Sperber, Director, Alliance to End Slavery & Trafficking“In Walking Prey, Holly exposes how the manipulative tactics of sex traffickers is made easier by the media; this revelation still makes my skin crawl.“Rarely does a book synthesize the complicated world of the sex industry with such insight and thoughtfulness.Told from a survivor's perspective, this book should be required reading for service providers, community members, and our young people.” ―Lisa Goldblatt Grace, LICSW, MPH, Co-Founder & Director My Life My Choice“Walking Prey sheds light on the shameful reality of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking within the United States.Something needs to be done so that our girls are not as easily lured by sex traffickers.Holly's story adds fuel to my fire to continue to educate girls about media literacy.” ―Nicole Clark, Director of Cover Girl Culture“Holly provides a vital voice to the anti-trafficking field and exposes the harsh realities of child sex trafficking in America.

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