Alexandra chando dating christian alexander

Plus, whom does she really want Emma to end up with? ) Who knew that such success would follow her after simply being intrigued by a production of with her mom?The series has yet been picked up for a third season, but that’s nothing to worry about. It’s tough because of the timing, but I absolutely want to do film for sure,” she tells me. It just sort of depends on the character and the project.” After impressively playing two characters each week, there’s no worry that Chando will be sticking around for a long time.

But when Sutton doesn’t return when promised, Emma knows something’s amiss.

He proves to be a loyal guy and is willing to act as Emma’s confidant as they both await Sutton’s return.

Nisha Randall (Sharon Pierre-Louis) is Sutton’s rival and fellow star tennis player.

I believe I did, and then when I tested for the network and the studio I had to do the big locker room scene from the pilot where Sutton and Emma switch places.

That was challenging because first of all your nerves are going crazy and then to not really know the characters yet and have a set and just kind of be in it, it was challenging. What are some similarities and differences that you have with Emma and Sutton?

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