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Due to its fame and importance it was known as Apollonia Prima out of 16 ancient cities built to honour Apollo. Drive on the spectacular Albanian Riviera looking down at the Ionian Sea.

Caesar chose to send his nephew Augustus Octavian to study oratory in Apollonia revealing the importance of this ancient city. Breathtaking sceneries await us at the Llogara pass - 1000 m above sea level.

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Visit Rozafa Castle from where spectacular views all around can be admired.Experience the supremacy the Illyrians would have feel over their enemies standing in such an imposing castle.We will also visit the Marubi Photographic Museum with a selection of prints of negatives taken in starting from the second half of the 19th century till the 1900-s, illustrating the life of the population of the area in that period.Apart the beautiful antique ruins it has the added benefit of being situated in a beautiful peninsula, rich in flora and fauna.After the visits we return to Saranda for overnight. On our way lays Gjirokastra, a UNESCO site and museum town with beautiful and very distinctive architecture.

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