Ajax updating html page tutorial

As will later be shown, the same applies for other technologies, such as CSS and Java Script.A second feature you can make use of is the IDE's Palette.You can set up your development environment using an *AMP package, enabling you to edit and deploy from the IDE quickly and efficiently.The IDE allows you to configure your environment with a local server, as well as remotely, using FTP or SFTP.For applications requiring a database, the IDE supports wide-ranging support for most main-stream databases, especially My SQL.See the Net Beans My SQL screencast and Database Integration features for more details.Ajax interactions are handled asynchronously in the background.As this happens, a user can continue working with the page.

This enables rich behavior (similar to that of a desktop application or plugin-based web application) using a browser.Data is passed in the background, and can be automatically loaded into the page without requiring a page refresh.Notice that the The Net Beans IDE provides comprehensive support for web development using PHP.This document provides an introduction to Ajax and demonstrates some of the features in the Net Beans IDE that allow you to program faster and more efficiently when working with Ajax-related technologies.While learning about the low-level functionality of Ajax, you build a simple application that employs auto-completion in a text field.

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