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He had, through his undying self-centeredness and an incredible underestimation of T.J.'s integrity, put himself in a position where he had dirtied his own hands. The first was that many of the people in and around Spahn's Ranch knew he had gone to see Crowe.That meant there were possibly a dozen people who could corroborate any accusation against him.It was an incredible blunder for a boastful career criminal. We'd be shoveling shit all day because these people wouldn't give their horses a clean place to live."They try and put me at the top and I wasn't at the top. I'd have to go through his changes and fight his problems. And when we got there we'd get pissed off because they had their horses tied inside in piles of shit with nowhere to walk or lay down. […]Watson would come for a week then leave for a month and come back with all these people after him and wants me to hide him.

This free exclusive video chat room can be a cool change.[…]chosen excerpts from Susan Atkins' final book The Myth of Helter Skelter.In these excerpts she explains why the real killings came down and had nothing to do with 'Helter Skelter' as prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi used as the motive.How could he possibly uncover the real motive for the murders of those at the Cielo and La Bianca homes without understanding the real reason for Gary Hinman's death?It wasn't until the trial started that Vincent Bugliosi finally found out about the suspected murder of Bernard Crowe.

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