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Many of these distinct plants are naturally dwarfed and grow their seeds not from the tops of the plants, but closer to the ground to avoid the tortoises' close cropping jaws.As the largest animal in its environment, the Aldabra tortoise performs a role similar to that of the elephant.There is little fresh water available for drinking in the tortoises' natural habitat, therefore they obtain most of their moisture from their food.

They risk death by tipping onto their backs and being unable to right themselves.They occasionally indulge in small invertebrates and carrion, even eating the bodies of other dead tortoises.In captivity, Aldabra giant tortoises are known to enjoy fruits such as apples and bananas as well as compressed vegetable pellets.Anatomy and Morphology The carapace is a brown or tan color with a high domed shape.It has stocky, heavily scaled legs to support its heavy body.

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