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While plying their trade, the beer stores create wealth locally and throughout the state, taking in millions of dollars in revenue and generating income, business and sales taxes.

Neither Anheuser Busch nor the governor’s office replied to requests for a comment. That’s because they have minimal economies of their own, with few stores or service businesses where people can spend their money.

Our children are exposed to alcohol before they’re born. With no jobs to be found, there’s nothing to do when they grow up, and alcohol offers a way to blot out reality.”Several major breweries supply the beer on Whiteclay shelves, including Miller, Molson Coors and Pabst, according to the state liquor commission.

The bulk of Whiteclay sales, though–about 75%–comes from Anheuser-Busch.

Louden, who represents the area around Whiteclay and is non-partisan (not affiliated with either major party). This year, Louden has introduced a bill to create alcohol-impact zones.

“That store was built because of the reservation.”Whiteclay’s Arrowhead Foods did more than a million dollars in business last year, with an entirely Native American clientele, according to Clark. If it is enacted, local governments–such as Sheridan County, surrounding Whiteclay–would be able ask the state liquor commission to set up special controls in areas where public drunkenness and other alcohol-related problems occur.

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