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Chris, who plays Phil in Blue Dwarf replied first with: I don’t think so, otherwise authors etc would never be able to write about relationships if they where in one, same for actors in films – as long as it was open and not explicit then there is not a problem – The problem only arises if the person doing the writing has problems distinguishing between the *characters* relationship and the *players/actors* and thinking they are the same person. That is like saying dreaming about someone else than your partner is wrong too.

Or having an argument in your dreams and then blaming your partner for that argument when awake. If my husband had an issue with it, and believed I was “cheating” on him or something of that sort, he needs to get his priorities right.

I spoke to both of them and they luckily promised not to do it again.

People think a girl with no clothes is sex and nudity EVEN THOUGH moderators can ban people and its not like they have Dicks or Vaginas. i have not come across any viruses, and i believe that most games are is not possible to give out where you live, other than a continent in the safe chat, but people should not post personal information on their profiles, or in the games are related to teamwork and building, and others teach about history.The only thing people can do is find a way through the swearing systems is like T H I S.Once a game called HAVE S3X was banned in 3 minutes! Roblox is a seemingly harmless game, however, some things are just plain disappointing about it.

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