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I cannot begin to explain how much it depresses me that I just can't have a normally functioning brain with a sane mind. I now know why,i was always called lazy or stupid when i was child and i just created a fantasy world to retreat from the pressures of the real world. It is also very hard to diagnose even for the professional, let alone yourself.Is it too much to ask for to be able to focus on something? To not get distracted by unimportant stimuli in my surroundings? who have adhd and if you experience other people getting frustrated with you. My problem , the biggest one is taking too long to do anything and everything. I'm a 41 year old woman with a history of severe depression, learning disabilities, unstable relationships, a really dismal academic record and a generally screwed up life. I have always been a impulse spender of money and now i am... Some ppl can suffer years without knowing what's going on.I also like meditating but it is so difficult with adhd with it. I do not take any medication for it and I will tell you why. I with much effort I can focus on things, such as college lectures or tasks at work. I'm not the hyperactive, talkative, can't sit in one...and when I got into college I realized what a mistake that was. I didn't have health insurance so I got the generic kind. Anyway, I started taking it last year, but I feel as if this drug is hit or miss. Currently, I'm 44 and was "officially" diagnosed with Adult ADD about 8 years ago.

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She is denying it, even yesterday with eyes like O. I'm not going to say "she did this" or "she did that" - anyone who has had an addiction knows the addiction lies... So here I am now to vent again at my frustration at the lack of understanding.... Anyways, l was diagnosed with an ADHD and now my parents have been bullying me.There are a lot of sad stories about what undiagnosed ADHD has done to people's lives. My worry is that he, just like my parents are going to...and up until now I thought I was managing it pretty well.And I think it's all coming from the fear that my ADHD meds are not strong enough, or that the side effect we'll cause a worse divide in my marriage than the ADHD, or that they are going to... I had never been diagnosed with ADHD before, but with the diagnosis a lot of things made more sense.I was in therapy and on meds for a while, but I no longer have to money to get those things anymore.

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