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Only approve character sheets that fit the character extremely well. They can explore the boundaries of the world you presented. If the plot is too complicated, or contains too many new concepts, people may become confused and not join. This may mean forsaking a few of the finer details that you may have fallen in love with. Extra details can always be integrated with the plot once people have the grasp of it.Look for people to play them that will be dedicated to the role. Everyone has the same amount of information about the world. Put extra effort into describing things in simple terms.Original For this type of plot you invent everything: the setting, the types of characters, and the plot. Remember that although it may make sense to you, other's haven't got the ability to peer into your head and see what you're thinking.The clearer you can present your ideas, the more likely people will join.

(Gt FFORP) The purpose of this guide is to serve as both a starting point for those new to free-form role-play (RP) and a source of useful information for those with previous experience.If someone sees their favourite character doing something they don't think they'd do they might become upset. Quick Fix: Make it against the rules to play a cannon (in the series) character.State in the rules that nobody can play a cannon character perfectly and if they can't say anything nice, they shouldn't say anything at all.That way people can look back if they forget what a term means. There is almost never a time when the person starting explains everything about a world.That is because few people would sit and read the entire thing.

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