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2013 was a banner year (despite my repeated claims that I was going to slow down my tagging efforts).We tagged seven adult males with GSM transmitters (four on Chesapeake Bay, one on Fishers Island, and two on Martha's Vineyard), and four adult males with satellite tags (two adult males in Washington, DC, and two males in New Hampshire).Twenty-nine of these were tagged on Martha's Vineyard and the rest between South Carolina and northern New Hampshire.

Dick Jennings joined the team in 2005 and has done the lion's share of the census work since then.My studies of Ospreys focus on long-term monitoring of the Martha's Vineyard population and radio-tracking both adult and juveniles tagged at various locations from the Chesapeake Bay to northern New Hampshire.The Vineyard population now numbers well over 80 pairs, including breeders and "housekeepers" and and has been very slowly growing for the past 15 years.This was the first year we used GPS-enabled transmitters, which opened up a whole new world of research possibilities.The previous transmitters were accurate enough to follow migration, but not to follow the daily hunting movements of individual Ospreys.

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