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People who overuse the competing style often use inflammatory statements due to a lack of interpersonal skills training.When overuse is taken to an extreme the person will create errors in the implementation of the task by withholding needed information, talking behind another person’s back (or “back-stabbing”), using eye motions and gestures designed to express disapproval, and creating distractions by fiddling or interrupting.This can also be used when one has organizational support, and where mutual concerns may result in a win-win solution.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Accommodating is an unassertive and cooperative approach.This approach satisfies the other party’s needs but not your own.

Behaviors associated with the overuse of avoidance include being silent, sullen, and untruthful when asked if something is wrong being.

The drawbacks are that it is disempowering for the other party.

Avoiding is an unassertive and an uncooperative technique.

Collaborating is an assertive and cooperative approach.

This solution can be used for important issues where time is not an issue.

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