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Southbank, right on the Brisbane River (clever name, guys), has a ton of bars, restaurants, and things to do. So I have been in Australia for about a month now, and I wanted to update you on everything that’s been going on.

We spent the whole day pretty much on one street (Grey Street, the main street,) so I figure I’d talk about the day and give some suggestions for anyone passing through Brisbane! Basically, I’m getting my feet wet and setting up a plan for the next few months.

It wasn't the rise of Tinder or dating apps, as suggested by Sunshine Coast brothel Lush, that was threatening her new career."People in brothels are not looking for relationships, they're looking for intimacy," she said."It is the rise of massage parlours offering illegal sex services that is the problem.

Charley wasn't happy to watch her income plummet."In the last year, I had about a 50 per cent drop of income," she said."I have an ABN, I pay tax just like everybody else, and I treat it like a business."Charley does four shifts a week at a Brisbane brothel and then does private work, where she generally goes to clients' homes.

My remains of my breakfast waited patiently to be washed down the drain as I emptied the dishwasher.

I love chatting about Lush products, and there are so many good ones this year, so no sponsor, no affiliate links, let’s just chat products! The Cambodian capital doesn’t have the best reputation among backpackers and travelers.I’m really enjoying the city (enjoy my little life update here) and I can’t wait to keep exploring more neighborhoods over the next two months. Here are some of the highlights of what I’ve been up to while housesitting and slowly exploring Brisbane. As many of you know, I am working at Lush again for the holidays.Hooray for smelling good and slowly getting over my fears of touching people only if it means we hit our sales targets.I had originally booked a trip to Bali, but fears of Mt. (The alert level for the airport was one step away from completely shutting down, and I had a cat to sit.Honestly, if I didn’t have obligations in Australia, I might have risked getting stuck in the world of the Yoga Barn.) I had a very limited budget, a weak source of freelancing income, over two weeks before my flight to Australia, and no plan…so I had to kill some time.

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