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The conditions are sufficiently mild such that the selective removal of the organic phase occurs.

In the plasma system a high vacuum prevents contamination by atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The project focus was on preservation of the American Southwest desert. Herein follows a summary of a scientific paper illustrating recent developments in rock art dating.Two small, well conserved tabular sandstone masonry structures of Puebloan origin are in the alcove.A small storage structure may have been present, as well as an artificial floor below the pictograph. Archaeological evidence, particularly ceramics, indicates a late Pueblo II-Pueblo III site.I present it to illustrate how we are only just beginning to study and understand rock art.Thereafter follows my A very unique pictograph on Upper Salt Creek of Canyonlands National Park, Utah, the All American Man Pictograph, has a circular torso painted in red, white and blue stripes. Puebloan style handprint pictographs are also present.

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