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Teens also gave insight into preferred ways to outreach and publicize dating violence resources.Findings inform recommendations for youth-specific tailoring of violence screening and intervention efforts.Adolescent dating violence is increasingly recognized as a public health problem.

• Fizzy drinks cause early puberty and increases cancer risk in girls, study finds Research assistant professor Dr Gitanjali Singh added: "The health impact of sugar-sweetened beverage intake on the young is important because younger adults form a large sector of the workforce in many countries, so the economic impact of sugar-sweetened beverage-related deaths and disability in this age group can be significant. "If these young people continue to consume high levels as they age, the effects of high consumption will be compounded by the effects of ageing, leading to even higher death and disability rates from heart disease and diabetes than we are seeing now." The study was published in the journal Circulation.The study did not include pure fruit juices and all drinks had at least 50 kcal per eight US ounces serving or just over two thirds of a standard pop can.Dr Dariush Mozaffarian, Dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston said: "Many countries in the world have a significant number of deaths occurring from a single dietary factor, sugar-sweetened beverages.I've reached the point where I am officially burnt out on dating. I had a boyfriend when I first moved to Denver, then we broke up in August, and I've been out with a few guys since, but ... It's not that I'm a bitter manhater, but dating is so time consuming and I'd much rather do my own thing or hang out with my friends than wasting my time on a guy. 30 is on the horizon and I feel like I should have this urge, this need, like so many girls my age, to "land the one."But, um, I'm not interested.

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