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Once at a small theatre she asked to see the menu for interval drinks.

Russian women are renowned for their beauty, and boast several Miss World winners including Ksenia Sukhinova, left, and Tatiana Kotova Unlike in Russia, 'it's quite rare when a healthy and rich Englishman leaves his old wife - and takes on a new young one', she said.He told her: 'It's not at all seen as prestigious here.We are in a different circle of people where wage earners are not valued highly.' An oddity is that you forget to put out the rubbish, it takes a week until the binmen come again, she complained.Comparing British and Russian men, she said her compatriots trail by a score of five to one.'They won't touch you when they pass by, or slam the door in front of you, or let a woman to carry a heavy bag,' she said.

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    The majority of Indonesians in the 1960s and 1970s had arranged marriages (Smith-Hefner 443).

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    Looks like "Jersey Shore" star DJ Pauly D (Paul Del Vecchio) will share some of his GTL duties with singer and new girlfriend Aubrey O' Day. News confirms that the two reality show staples have been dating for the past few months and met while they were starring on the relationship show "Famously Single." "I didn't know that I would be as successful as I was with finding someone," O' Day told E!

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    She spent her childhood in Bangkok attending American schools showing an affinity for performing and singing at an early age.